Jewellery Restoration

Stones Cutting, Jewellery Repair & Restoration

Whether you want to revive a treasured heirloom or broken jewellery, our fully equipped factory and highly skilled, experienced jewellers offer a full range of jewellery repairs and restoration services. With over 30 years of experience, you can rest assured that your restoration project will be in good hands. All our work is fully guaranteed and your jewellery is fully insured whilst in our care.

Our services offer:

  • Repair & solder broken chains, pendants, charms or replacement of worn out clasps or closures
  • Restoring jewellery, claw replacements, repairing settings and more
  • Remodelling and resizing precious items
  • Reusing old and treasured stones
  • Gemstones cutting
  • Diamond cutting
  • Stones replacement